Press conference and press release

Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet (IMDi) har ansvar for å oversette og tolke regjeringens nasjonale pressemeldinger og pressekonferanser under pandemien. 


Press conference/ Pressekonferanse 28. oktober


Press release/ Pressemelding 28. oktober

  • Beholder koronatiltak i kommunene og viderefører innreisetiltak


Press release/ Pressemelding 24. oktober

  • Avventer 2. dose for 12- til 15-åringer


Press conference/ Pressekonferanse 13. august


Press release/ Pressemelding 13. august

Step 4 will be introduced once all adults are protected. 

The Norwegian Government has decided to implement Step 4 of the reopening 3 weeks after all people over the age of 18 have been offered their first vaccine dose. At that point, all adult Norwegians will have received the opportunity to be protected by a vaccine.

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Press release/ Pressemelding 10. august

Norway to accept COVID-19 certificates from England and Wales from 12 August.

Norway will accept the English and Welsh NHS COVID Pass from 12 August at 3 pm, which is when the solution to verify the QR code in the NHS COVID pass will be rolled out at the border.

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